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Madinah University

Arabic Syllabus made in the light of Madina and Al Azhar University Curriculum.

Cambridge Curriculum

Bengali and Science Syllabus made in the light of Cambridge Curriculum.

Hifzul Quran

Quality Hifzul Quran Department under the supervision of Hafeez, Qari Sahibs with international experience.

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We build a bright future for your child

To whomever Allah wills goodness, He grants him understanding of the religion

-Sahih al-Bukhari

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Our history

Tarbiyah Academy has been working tirelessly to inculcate impeccable Islamic character, humane values, patriotism, and age-appropriate academic skills in its students from the primary level through a holistic approach. In order to achieve this goal, from the beginning, lessons are given in the light of the curriculum made by combining Quranic education, worldly education, and religious education in each class. Motivates students to be self-reliant with confidence in their own God-given abilities. Inspires to be responsible towards society and the state by using the acquired talent and skills.



Our creative team

This institution is managed by providing direct education by Hafeez, Qari and Islamic scholars with international experience.


Our Happy Guardian

“Alhamdullilah I am grateful for being surrounded by excellent teachers and an environment rooted in Islam throughout grade school, and I credit this environment, as well as my parents for being able to keep Islamic values in my heart as I ventured out into the world.”

Kimberly Garcia Chief Technology Officer, Google

"The madrasah welcomes all parents and children regardless of their ethnicity, the atmosphere is always a warm and friendly one. Not only does the school strive to give quality education to their students but encourage parents to be active members of their child's education."

Kimberly Garcia Chief Technology Officer, Google

Ready To Start Learning

Our students will be able to memorize the Qur’an as well as understand the meaning of the Qur’an; Knowing the Islamic Aqeedah – morals and the method of pure worship – will become wise in religious knowledge, Ing-sha-Allah.



41/1 Safa Gerden
Satmasjid Housing
(Opposite Of Canduddan)